The Caux Interns Programme is recruiting a new coordination team! In 2009, the Programme entered a new phase and it’s now time to take the next step forward.

The Interns Programme is part of the energy core of Caux, and needs passion and commitment to keep it going, providing a framework for young people from across the world to have the experience of a lifetime.It’s now one of Initiatives of Change's most over-subscribed programmes, so there’s a responsibility on the coordination team to keep developing, and creating the programme anew.

The programme is recruiting a new Director, as well as Logistics Coordinators for the summer or 2012. If this might interest you, have a look at the role descriptions below. Deadline for applications is 16 December 2011.

Conference Coordinator

The conference 'Exploring the Vital Link between Personal and Global Change: The Essence of Initiatives of Change' (25 - 31 July 2012, in Caux) is looking for a conference coordinator. Deadline for applications is 14 December 2011. Details in the role description below.

>> Role description Caux Interns Programme Director

>> Role description Caux Interns Programme Logistics Coordinator

>> Role description Conference Coordinator 'Exploring the Vital Link between Personal and Global Change'

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