John Bond, who was here at the start of summer coordinating the ‘Just Governance’ conference returned to Caux in order to attend to attend the ‘Seeds of Inspiration’ conference. On the night of August 9th, he spoke to the Caux interns about the work of Australia’s Sorry Day Committee, of which he was Secretary from 1998 until 2006.

The plenary on Saturday morning, on the 10th of August, dealt with compassion – in particular the need to revive it. Martin Dale opened the session and introduced Jack Lynch, interfaith minister at the Onespirit Interfaith Foundation, who presented the Charter for Compassion.

On August 9th, the morning plenary of the third day of the ‘Seeds of Inspiration’ conference welcomed Initiatives of Change speakers and members of the ‘12 Step’ movement, involved in addiction recovery. Ken Noble from the UK introduced the speakers, and Judson W. from Texas, USA (a member of both organisations), moderated the event.

Dr. Glenda H. Eoyang is the founding Executive Director of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute. She initiated the field of ‘human systems dynamics’ and is co-author of ‘Adaptive action: leveraging uncertainty in your organization’, published in March 2013. During the ‘Learning to live in a multicultural world’ conference, she took some time for an interview about her work with us.

Is it paradoxical to talk about silence? Interviewed by Caux-Expo director Andrew Stallybrass, Graham Turner, senior journalist who worked on major UK newspapers and at the BBC, told a captivated audience about the power of silence. This plenary session of the ‘Seeds of inspiration’ conference, held on August 8th, was moderated by Tim John Firth, member of the conference core team.

The posts of the two winners of the blogging contest organised by “Learning to live in a multicultural world” will be published on our website during the conference. The co-winner Sherif Rizq is a writer at Al Masry Al youm Egyptian daily newspaper. He is writing mainly about minority groups, human rights and citizenship. He also is a political analyst at Egyptian TV and a global Council Trustee at 'United Religions Initiative' (URI) in the Middle-East and North Africa. The views expressed in this article are those of the author only.

The sixth and final plenary session of the ‘Learning to live in a multicultural world’ (LLMW) conference, on August 6th, was highly animated with group discussions, exercises and stories.

The ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), in 1989, has led to a new perception of the child. Jean Zermatten, founder and director of the International Institute for the Rights of the Child and former President of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has given us an interview during the ‘Children as actors for transforming society’ conference (CATS).

The morning plenary on the fifth day of ‘Learning to Live in a Multicultural World’ in Caux, above Montreux, on 5th August, was all about ‘Personal Action for Society’. Facilitated by Imre Végh, Trainer, Coacher, Facilitator and co-founder of the ‘Better World Foundation’ (‘Stichting Verbeter de Wereld’), the plenary was designed to inspire the participants trough motivational games and interactions to take action and follow their dreams.

The HUB on August 5th hosted an interesting presentation on the blogging workshop that has taken place during the LLMW-conference. The two winners of the Caux blogging competition, Alec Saelens and Sherif Rizq, who have been writing blog posts on this conference during the past few days, and videographer Reinout Van Schie presented, together with their ‘coach’ journalist Octavia Nasr, some of the content and outcomes of the workshop and their activities.


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