Welcome to IofC Germany's next Castle Meeting which will take place in October in an old manor house in Lützelsommern/Germany. This year's weekend will be organized around the theme 'Building trust beyond invisible divides'. 

You are invited to spend a week at the Initiatives of Change Conference Centre in Caux, Switzerland, 18-26 June 2014, interacting in a community of people from different countries, backgrounds and generations, preparing the conference centre for the summer conferences.

Please click here to open the Registration form. We are looking forward to seeing you in Caux this summer!

CAUX-Initiatives of Change shares its wealth of experience with young people by offering a series of workshops to members of AIESEC, the worlds' largest student-run organisation.

A partnership has been agreed between the Caux conference on Just Governance and the International Dialogues at Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change conference centre in India.

The Board of the Ousseimi Foundation has awarded its 2014 Prize for Tolerance to Initiatives of Change International. The prize is awarded periodically to a person or institution whose ideas and, in particular, whose overall work and activity in terms of education and commitment in supporting the respect of human rights makes or has made a decisive contribution to greater understanding amongst mankind and to a more tolerant world.

There are six new opportunities to work in Caux, the Initiatives of Change international conference centre in Switzerland, 20 June to 16 August 2014. It is a chance to learn new skills as well as share the gifts that you have. These are voluntary roles but the cost of your stay would be covered. If you are flexible and not afraid of hard work, then please apply!

We are recruiting for a Human Resources Coordinator to support the Caux Conference team in preparing for the summer conference season.

Today, the city of Montreux becomes the host to the Syria peace talks; in the run up to this important event, a great article by Simon Bradley, published on January 20th on and called "Montreux prepares for new diplomatic role", talks about the city and the role it has played in the past facilitating diplomatic efforts.

“The conference report for the 2013 “Learning to live in a multicultural world” is out! Please click to download!


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Coming up soon: Dates and conference themes for Caux 2015