Caux 2013 Initiatives for human security

Caux Programme 2013 English
A people-centered approach

Simultaneous translation will be available for these conferences in the following languages:

29 June–3 July: Just governance
English, French, German

3–7 July: Healing history:
English, French, German

7–11 July: Dialogue on land and security
English, French, German

13–19 July: Trust and integrity in the global economy
English, French, German

24–30 July: Children as actors for transforming society:
English, French, German

1–6 August: Learning to live in a multicultural world
English, French, German, Spanish

7–12 August: Seeds of inspiration
English, French, German


Download programme overview of the summer (PDF)


All discussions and lectures of the conferences will be translated simultaneously (English, German, French). Simultaneous translations into other languages will be provided according to the needs of the audience.

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