Mountain House

Glimpses of the House and all that is happening, as the summer conferences come to an end on Sunday.

Dr Gerrie

Mountain House saw rains, celebrated India's independence day and had many interesting speakers on the podium

Sushobha Barve

The Agenda for Reconciliation conference, which opened on Monday evening, will deal with the challenges to human security, in particular the key issue of humiliation.

Learning Tracks

The various learning tracks as part of the Tools for Change conference concluded on Friday evening.

Dr Visier Sanyu

The participants at the Global Indigenous Dialogue celebrated the United Nations International Day of the World’s Indigenous People in Caux on Thursday

Kofi Annan visits the Caux Expo

Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, visited Caux today, meeting a number of conference participants and addressing a packed meeting in the great hall

Tools for Change

Photos from the Marketplace and Tuesday morning's session in the main hall

Values for Peacebuilders

As part of the ongoing Tools for Change conference, the theme for today is 'Values for Peacebuilders'. Caux had a British Imam speak about his values as a peacebuilder for the morning session in the Main Hall.

Global Indigenous Dialogue

Mountain House was witness to the sacred opening ceremony of the fourth Global Indigenous Dialogue and the opening session of the Tools for Change conference on Saturday evening.

IA General Assembly

Between two conferences, Initiatives of Change International held its Annual General Assembly at Mountain House on Friday